Hasina Rahman awarded Rotary International-UN honors

Rotary International has declared Hasina Rahman of Bangladesh as one of  'People of Action - Connectors Beyond the Border' honoree. The honour will be presented at the UN Headquarters in New York on November 7 in the presence of at least 750 delegates, including Rotary International President Mark Daniel Maloney, representatives from different countries, and Rotary and youth leaders. Hasina Rahman is a charter member of the Rotary Club of Dhaka Mavericks.
The other honorees are Dr Bernard Fischer from Germany (Rotary Club of Berlin), Ilge Karancak-Splane (Rotary Club of Monterey Cannery Row, California, USA),Ace Robin (Rotary Club of Mataram Lombok, Mataram, Indonesia ), Vanderlei Lima Santana (Rotary Club of Boa Vista-Caçari, Roraima, Brazil), Lucienne Heyworth (Rotary Peace Fellow, Lebanon)

It is important to note that because of Rotary International's historic role in organizing the UN Charter, the organization has been working towards peace as one of the UN's allied organizations and this bond is celebrated through various programs in November each year. The 'Rotary-United Nations Day' will be celebrated at the UN headquarters in New York on November 7 this year to celebrate the historic merger of the two organizations on the 8th anniversary of the UN.
In announcing the honour of Hasina Rahman, Rotary International noted that "Hasina has been honored for her significant contribution in protecting maternal and child health in Rohingya camps in Bangladesh." 
These centers provide financial assistance to around 5 lakh mothers and babies and provide emergency health care with financial support from various organizations including Rotary. About 7,000 severely ill children received special help from these centers. Rotary International also mentioned the launch of a simple solution to prevent malnutrition of Rohingya families by providing training and agricultural assistance to the Rohingya mothers in a small number of Rohingya camps in Rohingya camps at Hasina's initiative.